Your Therapist Website

Your Therapist Website

Therapist Websites and iCouch

The Purpose of a Therapist Website

The website for your behavioral health business should have just two goals:

  • Convincing strangers to become clients
  • Convincing clients to stay clients

And that’s it!

Mental health practitioners frequently search for how to create a therapist website, good templates and website hosting. However, despite good intentions, most websites for behavioral health professionals fall short in actually improving the bottom line. They’re often little more than pretty business cards. And, like most business cards, often end up littering the bottom of purses or stashed in a drawer never to be remembered again. Unfortunately websites can also be expensive yet at the end of the day don’t do much to actually grow your practice in any measurable way.

How the iCouch Website Works

The website you get with your iCouch subscription is designed specifically around converting visitors to paying clients and helping existing clients book sessions and contact you easily and securely.

When you set up your website in iCouch, you can customize the content, but the specific design and layout is already set. This is on purpose. We’ve conducted studies to determine what designs result in more bookings. While you might want photos of waterfalls or users to read through pages of content before they see a “Book a Session” button — that rarely works. With your iCouch site, your calls to action are right up top, front-and-center. Visitors can click to book, send you a message or, if you’ve provided a phone number, call you. And by the way, the Messaging feature is fully HIPAA compliant, unlike TherapySites which uses insecure (and dangerous) web forms for clients to contact you. TherapySites websites don’t even use SSL encryption! That’s pretty awful considering that charge $60 per month. Everything on iCouch is protected by SSL and all data is stored in HIPAA compliant systems.

Already have an existing website?

If you already have an existing website that you like, that’s great! iCouch can work together with what you’ve already invested time and money developing. For example, on your existing site, if you have a “Book Now” button, you can link that to your iCouch booking calendar. If you have a “Contact” button or are using an email address, instead, you can link to iCouch messaging. If you have an existing website, iCouch will make it even better by extending its capabilities with online booking and secure messaging.

The iCouch Therapist Directory

All iCouch subscribers also can choose to be listed in our Find a Therapist directory. It’s another source of potential leads to help you grow your practice and make more money.

Great Pricing

iCouch is $40 per month with no contracts and no setup fees. If you use iCouch for a month and decide it isn’t right for you, you simply cancel and you will no longer be billed. That $40 per month gets you far more than just a website. Here are some of the features that are included in your iCouch subscription:

  • Calendar & Booking
  • Invoicing & Credit Card Payments
  • Client Portal
  • To Do List
  • HIPAA Compliant Video Conferencing
  • Secure Messaging
  • Unlimited File Storage
  • Client Notes, Documents and Forms
  • iCouch Form Library
  • Therapist Website
  • iCouch Therapist Directory Listing
  • Compliance & Security
  • World Class Support

So even if you come to iCouch for the website, you get a lot more. It’s a great value for your money.

If you are a part of an organization or group practice, get in touch at to discuss your needs and pricing.

Ready for a free trial?

iCouch is simple to use, affordable and backed by incredible technology. With iCouch, you get everything you need to accelerate your behavioral health practice.

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