What is iCouch?

Secure communications, scheduling and payments for mental health.

What is iCouch?

iCouch is a mental health technology company that provides secure communications, scheduling and payments for mental health professionals. We’ve been around since 2010 and were pioneers in online therapy technology. In fact, we had one of the earliest browser-based, HIPAA-compliant telehealth video systems ever built. Since that those days, lots has changed! Online therapy has become a Big Deal and it seems like there are dozens of companies that provide online therapy. However, iCouch is a little different. We aren’t just an “online therapy” company — we are a company that makes tools for mental health professionals — whether they practice online or in traditional office-based settings.

Our product consists of four key parts:

  • Secure Communications
  • Booking and Scheduling
  • Payments
  • Therapist Website

Secure Communications

Our goal is to eliminate the telephone as the primary means of day-to-day communications between clients and their practitioners. Of course there is email, SMS and consumer-focused products such as Skype or Google Hangouts, however the problem with those solutions is that they are not built around the unique security and privacy needs of mental health practitioners. Skype, for example is not HIPAA compliant and, on top of that, it’s notoriously insecure. Why would a client or a practitioner trust Skype to keep their data private? In fact, if you look carefully in Skype’s terms and conditions, they can use you data to target advertising! Skype isn’t “bad,” but it isn’t right for conversations where privacy is critical.

iCouch provides a way for clients and practitioners to securely communicate with the ease of What’s App and the security of a Swiss bank vault. You can use iCouch for text chat as well as video. With our video feature, you can even have 20 or more participants!

Booking and Scheduling

The most important thing in any appointment-based business is being able to efficiently manage your schedule. iCouch makes it really easy to manage both in-person appointments as well as online therapy appointments. It’s the only scheduling system you need! Clients can book appointments with you based on rules you set — so you’re always in control. Additionally, practitioners can use iCouch as a traditional appointment book — even if you want to accept appointments over the phone, you can still use iCouch to keep track of everything. Quite simply, you can toss the paper-based appointment book and use iCouch for your entire practice.


Getting paid is important! With iCouch, you can accept credit cards and the funds are automatically transferred to your bank account. You can send clients invoices and they can pay them from anywhere. You can also record cash and check payments as well. You’re even able to accept credit cards in-person if you so choose. You don’t need a merchant account, a card reader machine — just a normal bank account and we take care of the rest. Refunding payments is super simple as well — you’re in complete control without the stress and expense involved with traditional merchant accounts or the security concerns inherent with PayPal.

Therapist Website

When you sign up with iCouch, you get your own therapist website. You can add various modules to your site such as your Bio, Certifications and Education. You can create custom modules if you want as well. You don’t have to worry about layout or design — iCouch ensures that you’re web presence is professional and beautiful. Your iCouch website can also be connected to your iCouch booking calendar — so visitors can book and pay for a session with you in just a few clicks — all in a highly secure, HIPAA compliant environment. iCouch also has a therapist directory as well — when visitors to iCouch are looking for a therapist, your website will show up in our search results.

Want to learn more?

If you’re interested in giving iCouch a try, you can learn more at https://pro.icouch.me. You can also reach out to us with any questions you might have at support@icouch.me.