Leaving your group therapy practice

Are you paying thousands per year to your group practice? Are you worried about building someone else’s business and not your own? Taking the plunge too start your own private counseling practice can be scary! However, it doesn’t have to be. The key is in the planning and doing an honest assessment of your strengths […]

Naming your Therapy Practice

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet. — Romeo and Juliet Act II, Scene II Most behavioral health professionals use their own name to name their practice. Others create names that might sound good, but fall short when it comes to creating a memorable and relevant image of your business. How should you choose a name for your therapy practice?

The Secret to Getting More Therapy Clients

Do you remember those courses you took on behavioral health marketing back when you were in school? Neither do we, because while you probably spent time learning about abnormal psychology, developmental psychology and learning how to take histories, you almost certainly took exactly zero classes on how to market your private practice.

Websites for Therapists: What’s really important?

It’s a fact, if you are behavioral health professional working in private practice, you need a website. For many years a website was considered superfluous, great for vanity but not particularly valuable as a means for maintaining and growing your business. Times have changed!

How to use social media to market your therapy practice

Should a therapist use social media? That’s a question that is subject to spirited debate! However, the short answer is yes, definitely therapists should use social media. The question really shouldn’t be should I or shouldn’t I, but how? This post should answer these two questions: Why should a therapist use social media? How should […]

How inbound marketing can help you get more therapy clients

On the standard checklist for “how to start a private practice” you often don’t see anything about social media or modern marketing strategies. In fact, most ideas in marketing for therapists are based on old school outbound marketing concepts. Traditional outbound marketing is not only expensive but generates a very low return on investment. The […]