Can you use FaceTime for Therapy?

FaceTime is Apple’s amazing video chat app that comes free on Macs and iOS devices. Given that it’s ubiquitous with Mac and iOS users, it seems like it would be a great choice for online counseling. Unfortunately, it’s not. Modernize your therapy practice LEARN HOW Modernize your therapy practice LEARN HOW Supercharge your Therapy Practice […]

HIPAA and behavioral health: can you share with friends and family?

Every health care provider in the United States should have a strong understanding of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Rule. It’s a foundation to how patient privacy must be protected. Unfortunately many mental health practitioners have┬ásome misconceptions about what the Privacy Rule requires. This post should serve as a great refresher […]

Scare mongering, client privacy and the mental health counselor

At iCouch, we’re obsessive about security and privacy. Anyone in the health care field ought to be. While laws are important, especially to ensure the safety of patient information, the standard shouldn’t be simply following the law. The law represents a┬áminimum required level of protection, not the maximum. Of course, in the United States, there’s […]

SSL for therapists, what it is and why it matters

What is SSL? SSL means Secure Sockets Layer and it’s a security technology for making sure that the connection between a web browser and the server is encrypted. It’s the reason we can do banking online or online therapy without our personal information being stolen or connection hijacked. Without SSL you couldn’t safely use much […]

In response to a comment about iCouch HIPAA compliance

In our recent post about the iCouch therapist calendar, we discussed some of the great new features coming to the new iCouch therapy practice management system. A commenter, Mr. Daniel Jackson, had several concerns about our product. First, I want to thank Mr. Jackson for his thoughtful comment. It’s clear that he cares deeply about […]