The therapy equivalent of an Uber driver

If you’ve been around the internet for more than a minute, you’ve likely heard of Talkspace and BetterHelp. If you’re a practitioner, there is certainly an attraction to not having to source your own clients, however is the loss of autonomy worth it? What are the benefits and downsides to working as the therapy equivalent […]

Online Therapy Platforms

What makes for a good online therapy platform? What are some of the key differences between systems? When you’re looking to add online therapy to your behavioral health practice, you’ll (rightfully) have a lot of questions. This article will help you learn how to cut through the marketing hype and understand the elements of a […]

Online Therapy and the future of mental health

It was about nine years ago that Jessica and I first started iCouch and during that time, online therapy went from a niche to a massive industry. We were there at the start — for a while, it was just iCouch and Breakthrough. Breakthrough has long ago been acquired and we’re still pushing forward. Finally, […]

Alternatives to Breakthrough for Self-Pay Therapists

What alternatives are available for the online therapist? What are the best mental health technology providers available? What’s the overall market looking like? What are the pros and cons of the different services available to a practitioner that wants to improve their practice with technology?

Crossing the line: a legal argument for interstate online therapy

[Editors Note: Since this post was written, the Quill decision has been overturned in South Dakota v. Wayfair, however, that ruling was overturned over issues relating to sales tax fairness and not over the core jurisdictional issues inherent in the Interstate Commerce Clause. In short, the Wayfair case doesn’t change the fundamental legal reasoning in this […]

Is Skype HIPAA compliant? No, it’s not.

The question “Is Skype HIPAA compliant” comes up among therapists all the time. The bottom line is that Skype is not compliant. So if you’re a US based therapist, Skype therapy is a violation of the law. Google Hangouts is also not compliant. This may come as a shock or disappointment to those who have […]

The millennial therapy client and how therapists can embrace change

The Millennials. If any term drives marketers (and everyone else) bonkers, this is it. This generation, born roughly between 1981 and 2000 are the first generation to live much of their lives on the internet. Their lives are infused with technology much like a bay leaf flavors a sauce; it isn’t always as obvious as […]