Prepare your therapy practice for success

It’s been a rough year. With the passing of several legendary people such as Sean Connery, Alex Trebek, Eddie Van Halen, Little Richard, John Lewis (all of cancer,) along with the contentious election, massive wildfires, tropical storms, and probably other disasters which have blurred together in just one gray blob of chaos, 2020 isn’t a […]

f41.1 — Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Motivational Interviewing

One of the most widely diagnosed conditions, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, affects about 3% of Americans. If you’re a mental health practitioner, it’s likely that this is one of the most common diagnoses in your practice. What does the latest research tell us about GAD? Spoiler alert: CBT combined with Motivational Interviewing results in better outcomes […]

DAP vs. SOAP Notes for Counselors and Therapists

Data, Assessment, Plan. These are the fundamental building blocks of the DAP note. While they serve the same purpose as a SOAP note, DAP is a slightly different format. What you choose is entirely up to personal preference. This article should help you understand the basics of DAP notes and how to use them in […]

SOAP Notes for Counseling

The SOAP note format has been in wide use in the medical community for decades. Dr. Lawrence Reed developed the problem-oriented medical record decades ago and from that, SOAP emerged. For mental health professionals, SOAP is tried and true. Although the behavioral health profession uses a variety of different clinical note formats, SOAP is still […]

Process Notes, Progress Notes, Psychotherapy Notes, oh my!

What’s the difference between a process, progress or psychotherapy note? While those terms are often confused, it’s pretty simple. A process note is the same thing as a psychotherapy note. They’re synonyms. A progress note is something different. This article should clear it all up and provide you some guidance as to the HIPAA and […]

Writing Great Mental Health Treatment Plans

A treatment plan is essential to providing effective mental health care for your clients. It should go without saying, however you’d be surprised by how many professionals simply “wing it” without a written treatment plan. Many practitioners do write treatment plans, but they might not be sure on how to do it the right way. […]

Dominic Interactive for children, time for an update?

I recently tested the Dominic Interactive (DI) multimedia screening tool for children and adolescents, and while the actual content is outstanding and the clinical efficacy is proven, it was an extraordinarily frustrating to actually obtain and install.

Therapy client churn, what it is and how to reduce it

If you’re like most practitioners, you have a significant percentage of your clients who might start treatment then drift away. It might start with a missed appointment here and there, then eventually you don’t hear from them again. In this business world, this is called customer churn or customer attrition. It’s a fact that it’s […]

Discredited Psychological Treatments and Tests

Kevin McCarthy,¬†one of our Twitter followers, made an interesting point in response to one of our posts about Alternative Medicine Treatments for ADHC. He raises a very interesting point. Many people in the behavioral health community subscribe to treatments and tests that are closer to paranormal psychology than they are to actual evidence-based practice. In […]