Therapy Client Notes, Forms and Files

Therapy Client Notes, Forms and Files

Therapy Client Notes, Forms and Files

The Paperless Therapy Practice

Behavioral health has a lot of paper. Progress notes, treatment plans, psychotherapy notes, intake forms, informed consents… You probably have a file stuffed full of various documents you create through the course of your relationship with a client.

For most mental health practitioners, paper isn’t a big deal. They’re used to it. However, electronic paperwork can improve your efficiency, security and greatly improve the client experience.

Improving the client experience is a huge benefit. Imagine sending all the intake paperwork to a client before they even arrive in your office. They can fill it out from a phone or computer, sign and return it to you in just a few clicks. iCouch makes that possible.

HIPAA Compliant File Storage

If you create a document electronically, you have to store it in a HIPAA Compliant system. How are you storing digital client information now? Hopefully you aren’t using Dropbox, Google Drive or iCloud! With iCouch, you get unlimited HIPAA compliant file storage. You can store any kind of file and access it from anywhere. That’s huge!

If you need to review some client documents while you’re away from the office, with iCouch you have everything you need to do that right now, probably in your pocket. There is even a file viewer for common file types and of course, you can always download the original. Sharing a file with a client (or a client sharing a file with you) is also just a two click process. It’s really easy! You can even use your mobile device camera to quickly upload files directly into iCouch.

Creating and Sharing Forms

iCouch has a great form builder that makes it easy for you to create beautiful form templates. You can create templates for your patient notes, treatment plans, informed consents — anything that requires “filling out,” you can create a template for it with iCouch. We also have the iCouch Form Library which is a collection of commonly used forms used in mental health. You simply select a form from the Form Library, click “Copy to my Templates” and then you can edit, modify or customize it to suit your practice. We’re adding new forms all the time and you can even submit your paper forms to us and we’ll convert them into an iCouch compatible format you can use. We know you’re busy — we’re glad to help you make the transition to electronic forms!

Easy Electronic Signatures

If you can click a mouse or touch on your tablet, you and your clients can electronically sign forms with iCouch. Signed documents are automatically locked and time-stamped. It’s easy and best of all, legally valid.

Creating Documents

Do you ever just want to type? iCouch has an easy word processor so you can work on your book between clients. You can also create welcome documents or instruction sheets as well with very easy formatting — just like you’re used to.

Want to see iCouch Papers in action?

Here’s a video screencast that demonstrates how to use the forms system in iCouch.

Powerfully Easy, Wonderfully Affordable

iCouch is $40 per month for solo practitioners with no contract or setup fees. That $40 per month gets you far more than just a a great notes and file system — it provides you will a lot of powerful features to help grow your practice and earn more money.

If you are part of an organization or group practice, get in touch at to discuss your needs and pricing.

Here are some of the features that are included in your iCouch subscription:

  • Calendar & Booking
  • Invoicing & Credit Card Payments
  • Client Portal
  • To Do List
  • HIPAA Compliant Video Conferencing
  • Secure Messaging
  • Unlimited File Storage
  • Client Notes, Documents and Forms
  • iCouch Form Library
  • Therapist Website
  • iCouch Therapist Directory Listing
  • Compliance & Security
  • World Class Support

So even if you come to iCouch for the therapy client notes system, you get a lot more. It’s a great value!

Ready for a free trial?

iCouch is simple and backed by incredible technology. With iCouch, you get everything you need to improve your behavioral health practice.

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