Online Booking for Therapists

Online Booking for Therapists

Online Booking for Therapists


Appointments the Hard Way?

Your mental health practice only makes money when you can schedule appointments. It seems like common sense, but for something so important, why do many practitioners do scheduling “the hard way?” Perhaps it’s tradition, perhaps they’re just like spending time on the phone, flipping through pages of a paper calendar, writing down names and phone numbers or playing guessing games with their client to determine what would be the best time to meet.

Who has time for that? Even if you did have time, why would you want to spend it on such a mundane task?

Appointment scheduling doesn’t require a high level of expertise. You didn’t earn an advanced degree to learn how to flip through appointment books and optimize your time slots did you?

iCouch Improves your Efficiency and Keeps You in Control

The iCouch online booking calendar can be used for your entire therapy practice — for in-person appointments as well as online therapy. So if you’re an online therapist it’s great. If you work in a traditional office setting, it’s also great.

The booking calendar works like this:

  • Create some appointment types
  • Add prices and durations for those appointment types
  • Set your availability

However, the real power from the booking calendar comes from the booking rules you can set. You stay in full control because you can set the following rules:

  • When should your appointments start, on the hour, half-hour or quarter hour?
  • How much of a break do you require between appointments?
  • What’s the minimum notice you require for a booking?
  • How far in the future can someone book?
  • What is the minimum payment required at the time of booking?

The iCouch calendar is truly “fire and forget.” Once you have everything set to the way you like it, you don’t have to remember things like adding availability each week or worry about getting a booking when you aren’t available. You can even enter vacation/time off and it will automatically prevent bookings during those times.

Manually Enter Appointments Easily

Even with the great booking rules, you are still in control. You can enter appointments into your calendar directly. If a client calls you, you can easily look at your iCouch calendar and add their appointment. You can also update the status of appointments. If you cancel an appointment, it will automatically release that time slot so someone else can book it. Also, since you’re the boss, the rules don’t apply to you. You can add an appointment however you want.

The Benefits of Client Self Booking

Give your iCouch website URL to your clients. They can easily book the kind of session when it’s convenient for them. You don’t have to do anything. The advantage of this is that you aren’t having to worry about missed phone calls or playing that back and forth game where you propose a time, then they propose a different time and you both repeat that until there’s an available slot. With your iCouch calendar, you save both you and your clients time.

When you make it easier to interact with your practice, your clients will book more often.

You might be a great therapist, but if your customer experience is inefficient or inconvenient, that reflects on the quality of your practice.

Improve your Therapy Practice Revenue

With the integrated iCouch credit card payment system, you’re able to get paid whatever you require at the time of booking. This is a great way to recover revenue lost from cancelations and unpaid cancellation fees. Since you can set the minimum required payment as one of your booking calendar rules, you can set your minimum deposit to an amount equal to your cancelation fee. However, most practitioners choose to require 100% payment at the time of booking.

Imagine how much lost revenue you can recover if you’re collecting some money at the time of booking! You won’t have to have those uncomfortable conversations asking for them to pay the no-show fee from last week’s missed session — because you already have collected it.

A clinical benefit is that clients are far less likely to miss their treatment if they’ve already paid. They’re literally more invested in showing up.

With the iCouch credit card system, you’re also able to easily issue refunds directly from your iCouch account. You’re in full control of everything while the software does all the hard work.

All this power, one low price..

$40 per month. No contracts, no set up fees, no cancellation penalties. And, there’s even a 14 day free trial.

Besides the amazing therapist booking system for your private practice, that $40 per month gets you far, far more. Here are some of the features that are included in your iCouch subscription:

  • Calendar & Booking
  • Invoicing & Credit Card Payments
  • Client Portal
  • To Do List
  • HIPAA Compliant Video Conferencing
  • Secure Messaging
  • Unlimited File Storage
  • Client Notes, Documents and Forms
  • iCouch Form Library
  • Therapist Website
  • iCouch Therapist Directory Listing
  • Compliance & Security
  • World Class Support

If you are a part of an organization or group practice, get in touch at to discuss your needs and pricing.

Even if you only need the booking system, you get a lot more. It’s a tremendous value for your money. Go ahead, shop around, you won’t find a better value!

You can also pre-pay for a year and get 2 months free. It’s a really great deal. We’re also adding new features regularly as well as making improvements all the time. We are mental health technology company. We are writing code, building features and making improvements every day. One of our cofounders is a software engineer who has worked for companies such as Apple and the Rosetta Stone. Our other cofounder is a licensed psychologist. They’re both incredibly committed to providing you with a high quality experience designed specifically to help you elevate your therapy practice to the next level.

One more thing..

iCouch has automatic appointment reminders as well. Your can choose to send HIPAA compliant SMS or email reminders to your clients at a time of your choosing. Also, you can get SMS and email notifications for new appointments as well — so you are instantly notified when you have a new appointment. It’s so simple, to use and it’s all included in the price. No per-message limits or any other such nonsense. We promise value and we’re committed to delivering.

Enough about us, it’s your turn!

Click here to sign up for iCouch now and try it out free for 14 days.