iCouch for Online Therapy

iCouch for Online Therapy

iCouch for Online Therapy

iCouch was a pioneer in browser-based online video counseling. In 2010, we released our first version of what would become a key part of our mental health practice management system — our video platform. Unlike many competitors both then and now, we built our own technology. This tight integration between our video system and the rest of iCouch means a quality experience for both you and your client. We make online therapy really easy.

No Downloads

iCouch works on Chrome, Firefox, Opera on desktop and laptop computers. It also works on Android mobile devices using Chrome for Android — all without downloads, installing plugins or finding apps. It’s literally click-and-go easy. iOS support will be arriving with the fall release of iOS 11 from Apple. Did we mention no downloads?

While most practitioners are good at using most video systems, the fact is that clients are of widely diverse technical backgrounds. You might have a client who is a computer expert and an hour later be seeing a client who’s technical experience extends to reading an email. Some clients might be sharing a computer with a partner or family member and don’t want to reveal that they might be seeking therapy. By requiring software downloads, you increase the friction of clients — you make the experience more difficult. It’s hard enough seeking therapy in the first place; the last thing anyone wants is for a client who needs your help to be discouraged because they have to install some kind of plugin or app to have a session with you!

Joining an iCouch session is as easy as clicking a link. Clients don’t even need to be signed in or even have an iCouch client account to join a session.

No Limits

Some competing HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing systems charge you based on usage. Some might charge by the minute, other limit you to a certain number of sessions per month. With iCouch, you have unlimited use of the system. Of course, misuse or abuse isn’t allowed (such as sharing your account with other practitioners, but other than that, use iCouch as much as you want for the same monthly fee.

Great for Groups

iCouch video can accommodate large group sessions as well. If you’re doing a group session, just provide the link to everyone in the group, they click-and-join. It’s that easy. The windows for each participant automatically size and arrange based on your screen size. The person speaking gets put front and center automatically. We’ve tested iCouch with 30 participants at once, but theoretically, you could have a group as large as 50 (or even more,) although that might be a bit chaotic to preside over a session that large!

Automatic Bandwidth Optimization

Have a client with a slower internet connection? iCouch will automatically adjust video quality in real-time to match the available bandwidth. If quality declines during a session, the video resolution will adjust. If quality improves, then the video will respond accordingly — all automatically. If the connection gets really bad, the system will fallback to audio only until conditions improve. Still, in order to ensure the highest quality session we have the following recommendations:

  • Close other browser windows, especially ones like Facebook, video or news websites that tend to suck bandwidth even in the background.
  • Close mail programs since those are periodically attempting to download new messages.
  • Don’t try to stream Netflix, iTunes or Spotify during a session.

HIPAA Compliant Video Conferencing

iCouch video is HIPAA compliant and secure. There is end-to-end encryption which means that your sessions are protected and more importantly, your client’s privacy is ensured.

Great Pricing

iCouch is $40 per month for the Professional Plan for solo practitioners with no contracts and no setup fees. If you use iCouch for a month and decide it isn’t right for you, you simply cancel and you will no longer be billed. However, unlike other “online therapy systems,” iCouch isn’t just an online therapy platform — that $40 per month gets you far, far more. Here are some of the features that are included in your iCouch subscription:

  • Calendar & Booking
  • Invoicing & Credit Card Payments
  • Client Portal
  • To Do List
  • HIPAA Compliant Video Conferencing
  • Secure Messaging
  • Unlimited File Storage
  • Client Notes, Documents and Forms
  • iCouch Form Library
  • Therapist Website
  • iCouch Therapist Directory Listing
  • Compliance & Security
  • World Class Support

So even if you come to iCouch for the online therapy platform, you get a lot more. It’s a great value for your money. Also, we don’t raise prices for our subscribers. Once you sign up, that’s the price you’ll keep paying, even if prices rise in the future. You can also pre-pay for a year and get 2 months free. It’s a great deal.

We also offer a Communicator Plan that is $25 per month for solo practitioners. If you’re part of an organization or group practice, get in touch at support@icouch.me to discuss your needs.

We’re also adding new features regularly as well as making continual improvements. iCouch is a mental health technology company — we aren’t a company that hires some outside contractors to build us a system then we just let it slowly degrade. We are writing code, building features and making improvements all the time. One of our cofounders is a software engineer who has worked for companies such as Apple and the Rosetta Stone.

We take our technology very seriously because we know you take your practice very seriously.

Ready for a free trial?

iCouch is the best online therapy platform available. It’s simple to use, affordable and backed by incredible technology. But, with iCouch, you get more than just online therapy; you get everything you need to accelerate your behavioral health practice.

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