How inbound marketing can help you get more therapy clients

On the standard checklist for “how to start a private practice” you often don’t see anything about social media or modern marketing strategies. In fact, most ideas in marketing for therapists are based on old school outbound marketing concepts. Traditional outbound marketing is not only expensive but generates a very low return on investment. The […]

3 simple marketing ideas for the therapist entrepreneur

Do you want more therapy clients? Of course! Nearly every therapist entrepreneur is in a constant battle to keep their appointment books full and get more therapy clients. However, the common approach to sustaining your therapy practice (or getting one started,) is more advertising. The problem with advertising is that once the money is spent, […]

Why you should start a therapy blog and how to do it

If I had to condense my daily emails from therapists down to one main idea, it would be this: “How do I get more therapy clients?” There are as many answers to that question as there are grains of sand on beach, however it boils down to one simple requirement: marketing. We’ve discussed some of […]