I wanted to use today’s blog post to answer some of the many questions we’re receiving about the upcoming new iCouch. We’re getting dozens of emails each week from therapists and other behavioral health professionals asking out it, so this post is designed to answer many of those questions.

Definitely leave a comment at the end of this post if I didn’t address your question! This post isn’t supposed to be exhaustive; I just want to answer the most common questions. If you want to discuss your situation further, I’d certainly love to have a call with you, click this link to schedule a call with me. Talking to therapists and learning about their business is my favorite part of this job!

Q: iCouch is an online therapy platform right?

A: Partially correct. iCouch is a cloud-based practice management solution designed for behavioral health professionals. Online counseling is just one of the features. Many therapists have used our older iCouch product specifically for the HIPAA compliant videoconferencing, however the new iCouch is much, much more. You can see a comprehensive feature list on our homepage. Be aware that we do have some features that we haven’t revealed yet, so do contact us if you want to discuss your particular use case.

The new iCouch also helps you with your therapy marketing as well. As we discussed in a previous post about inbound marketing for therapists, a blog and regular social media posts are important to help build your long term pipeline of therapy client leads.

iCouch means you can have a blog as well as the ability to manage your social media accounts as well. There is also a public profile for your practice, including the ability to create profiles in multiple languages if you serve communities in a language other than English. There’s also the directory functionality — your practice will be visible in iCouch searches if you chose. So from the thousands of visitors we get each month, some of those might decide you’re their perfect therapist and book a therapy appointment with you.

And guess what?

The blog, social media tools and therapist profile? Those features are free — even if you never become a paid subscriber, you can still use iCouch as a marketing tool for your practice.

You won’t pay us to be listed in our therapist directory. We’re glad to have you!

Q: Will the new iCouch be HIPAA compliant?

A: Yes. But HIPAA compliance is only part of the story. The new iCouch infrastructure goes far beyond HIPAA. First, “cloud computing” often scares many people. Cloud computing basically means that servers and IT infrastructure are distributed — the server isn’t located in a closet in your office. However, the “scary” part of cloud services is that many of those servers are shared with other users. So while your data is encrypted and secure, it “lives” on a physical device with other companies’ data. However, iCouch does cloud computing slightly differently. All of our infrastructure is within a “private” cloud. This means we aren’t sharing resources with other companies. Our system is completely isolated. The only thing on an iCouch server is iCouch.

Our systems are subject to regular security audits for both general security as well as HIPAA and HITECH compliance.

Why should you care? It simply means that you can have confidence that your data is always safe. It also means that your iCouch experience will be lightning fast. So fast that it’s going to feel like a desktop application.

And, of course, we’ll have a Business Associates Agreement as well, so you can use iCouch with absolute confidence that you are both following the law as well as keeping your data safe.

Q: What makes iCouch better than the competition?

A: User experience. Stability. Quality. What does that mean? It means iCouch won’t crash when you are in the middle of a critical activity. It will also mean that using iCouch will “make sense.” You won’t need extensive training. You won’t need much training actually — everything is laid out logically and clearly. There will be comprehensive help, support as well as videos explaining each feature.

It’s beautiful and simple, yet more powerful than anything else out there. It’s one of those systems where you’ll feel comfortable. You won’t have to “fight” the system. Think of the first time you used an iPhone or a Mac. You didn’t need to read the instructions. It just worked.

As far as quality, that extends from how fast a page loads to how every detail looks. You’re not going to have text out of alignment, buttons that don’t click, or reminders that don’t send. You won’t have glitches that frustrate you. This is a system designed by engineers and blessed by professional designers.

Every pixel is being scrutinized, debated and sometimes argued. Every color was picked for a specific reason. We didn’t just hire some random developers to build this. We have a team of professionals working together. We have a project manager, two quality assurance engineers, four software engineers and even a business analyst. It’s her job to ensure that everything we build actually serves you in exactly the way you expect. We also have one of the finest user experience designers available. We’re also one of the very few therapy practice management software companies that was cofounded by a software engineer and an experienced mental health counselor.

Most of of our competitors are good people; many of them are therapists themselves. However, how many of your colleagues would you trust to build software? You don’t hire therapists to manage an industrial construction project any more than I hire software engineers to treat people with depression.

Most have an idea for a practice management product and they hire some outside firm to help them build it. Unfortunately most of these therapist-founders don’t know much about software engineering. They’re really smart people and probably great therapists, but when it comes to making critical decisions regarding a software product, they don’t have the breadth of experience necessary to make the right choices.

Some of our competitors have investment bankers, supply chain specialists or accountants as their founders. iCouch was founded by an engineer and a behavioral health professional.

What does that mean to you? That simply means that a feature offered by a competitor might sound good, it might even look good, but is it the best way to solve your particular need? Does it work reliably every single time? Are their applications fast, easy to use and secure? Is the application actually fun to use?

iCouch has the best of both worlds: a therapist cofounder as well an a technical founder with years of experience in a wide range of famous tech companies. What that means is that a decision made for iCouch is grounded in both clinical value as well as technical competence.

Q: Can you explain the details of a specific feature?

A: In the coming weeks as we approach the launch, I’ll be posting occasional articles about specific iCouch features in more detail. However, if you want to discuss your needs specifically, feel free to visit my calendar and book a free consultation. We can discuss your business and we can see what the best solution to your challenge might be.

Q: What kinds of subscriptions are available?

iCouch subscription plans

  • Free Plan: includes a public profile, visibility in iCouch searches, a therapist blog and social media scheduling tools.
  • Video Only Plan: includes everything in the Free Plan plus unlimited use of the online counseling feature.
  • Professional Plan: includes everything in the Free and Video Plan plus unlimited use of all features, including the booking calendar, two-way secure messaging, reminders, lead, client and case management, documents (including templates, electronic signatures,) To Do lists, Invoicing and Payments.. and more!

Q: What will it cost?

A: We’ve been purposely coy about our pricing until now. We’ve always shared our pricing with email inquiries, but we haven’t announced pricing. The reason for that is that while pricing is important, value is far more important. We didn’t want to reveal pricing without being clear what you were actually getting for your money! However, since price is an important consideration, let’s just go ahead and let the cat out of the bag.

Everyone gets a full, unlimited 30 day free trial.

You will select your plan at the end of the trial after you have had some time to try everything out.

There’s no setup fee. (Setup fees are obnoxious and we’ll never do that.)

iCouch pricing

Single Practitioner

Video Only Plan

  • $25 per month, billed monthly
  • $250 per year, billed annually

Professional Plan

  • $79 per month, billed monthly
  • $790 per year, billed annually

You can use your custom domain for an additional $100 yearly charge. Custom domains are only available for annual subscriptions.

Multi-User (2 or more practitioners on the same account)

Video Only Plan

$240 per user, billed annually

Professional Plan

$720 per user, billed annually, custom domain name usage is included for no additional charge.

Multi-User accounts can have unlimited admins. Also Multi-User accounts can disable specific features for their users. There is also a group calendar as well as a public profile for both the organization as well as the individual practitioners. For Billing & Payments, a Multi-User account has one connected bank account. If practitioners each require their own bank accounts to be connected (for accepting credit card payments,) then a Single Practitioner account is more appropriate for that situation.

Q: How can I sign up?

A: Right now, the best course of action is to join the iCouch Early Access list. This will let us notify you when the new iCouch is ready for sign ups. Signing up on this list does not obligate you to anything and we never share your information with anyone. It will however entitle you to a discount on your iCouch subscription.

Published by Brian Dear

Brian is the cofounder and CEO of iCouch, Inc. He has an extensive background in software engineering, inbound marketing and mental health practice management.

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