There has been a lot of action around the iCouch world as of late. This post is to provide some updates both to existing subscribers, free-trial users as well as anyone interested in beautiful mental health practice management, online therapy, behavioral health communications, and therapy practice marketing.

New Features and Improvements Released

  • You can now add images, YouTube and Vimeo videos to your iCouch therapist website modules. If you want to resize or adjust the alignment, simply click on the image or video after you add it to your page and you can easily manipulate the size and alignment.
  • Caching has been improved. What this means is that iCouch should be responding much, much faster. There’s a lot of data associated with your iCouch account, so this improvement means that everything is going to be much more “snappy” when you use various sections of iCouch.

In case you missed it..

  • iCouch now supports organization accounts. If you have a group practice or organization as small as two or as large as thousands of practitioners, iCouch has you covered! When you sign up for iCouch, simply select the organization account type to get started. Also, please contact us at for personalized on-boarding assistance and free training for you and all of the users in your group.
  • Communicator subscription plans are now available. Do you want to just use our HIPAA compliant video conferencing and secure message system? If you don’t need the other features of iCouch, you can now subscribe to our “Communicator” plan. This plan is also available for organizations as well!
  • Group Messaging. This one is really great. iCouch Messaging now supports adding multiple clients into one conversation. Ever wanted to have group therapy via chat? Well, now you can. Also, organization accounts can chat with other members of their organization as well. There’s a Team Room where everyone can talk to everyone else, but you can also start 1-on-1 or multiple participant chats among your organization. And of course, this is all HIPAA compliant.
  • iCouch in the UK. Due to a huge demand from our friends across the pond, the UK is now fully supported in iCouch. If you’re a UK practitioner, you can connect your UK bank account, charge clients in Pound Sterling and enjoy all the other great features of iCouch just like your colonial brethren. Welcome!
  • Practitioner Marketing Campaigns. We’re doing quite a bit of advertising to the general public for our Find-a-Therapist service. If you’re a paid subscriber, your therapist website can be listed in iCouch searches. Simply go to your Website section, click the switch “Visible in Search” and you’re website will be indexed and added to iCouch search results. Perhaps you’ll find your next client through iCouch.. Free trial users can use all the features of iCouch during their trial, however visibility in iCouch searches is a benefit only available to paid subscribers.

Why iCouch?

If you haven’t subscribed to the best mental health practice management system ever created, you’re missing out! Here’s why you should try iCouch:

  • Great features — powerful and elegant
  • Amazing support — we really mean that. We are serious about helping you
  • Constant improvement — some of our competitors haven’t added features or updated their designs since the Bill Clinton administration. iCouch is different — we are adding improvements and new features all the time. We’re a technology company; we’re serious about ensuring out technology and your experience gets better and better each day.

Ready to elevate your therapy practice? Come check us out!

Published by Brian Dear

Brian is the cofounder and CEO of iCouch, Inc. He has an extensive background in software engineering, inbound marketing and mental health practice management.

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  1. I would like to know if I can only add the states or countries I would like to work with… For example I would only want to work with California costumers or California and new york costumers. Can I fix that or is it going to be open for everybody?

    1. Essentially, you can decide who you want to work with. The best way is to simply put the states/countries with which you’re willing to work in a custom module on your iCouch website.

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