Alternatives to Breakthrough for Self-Pay Therapists

What alternatives are available for the online therapist? What are the best mental health technology providers available? What’s the overall market looking like? What are the pros and cons of the different services available to a practitioner that wants to improve their practice with technology?

Websites for Therapists: What’s really important?

It’s a fact, if you are behavioral health professional working in private practice, you need a website. For many years a website was considered superfluous, great for vanity but not particularly valuable as a means for maintaining and growing your business. Times have changed!

How to use social media to market your therapy practice

Should a therapist use social media? That’s a question that is subject to spirited debate! However, the short answer is yes, definitely therapists should use social media. The question really shouldn’t be should I or shouldn’t I, but how? This post should answer these two questions: Why should a therapist use social media? How should […]